Welcome to, The Ole’ Chincoteague House

Hi, Welcome to The Ole’ Chincoteague House. You may ask, how did you come up with this name? Good question, the historical style of the house was very traditional along the east coast 100 years ago. This particular house was built in 1898.
Even more unique, we were told by an old timer that some of the main beams in this house came from shipwrecks. The lumber would wash up on the shores of Assateague Island.  Interestingly enough, the fireplace mantel is built from a salvaged  main beam that was removed from under the house in the renovation. We wrestled with trying to keep the historical feel of the house, yet modernizing and installing large windows, so that we could all enjoy watching the dolphins frolicking in the bay, gorgeous sunsets straight from our Creators paintbrush, and in the winter to watch the ebb and flow of the massive waterfowl migrations… the list goes on. The addition of the large covered porch, combined with the upstairs deck has been such a blessing.
Waking up from a good night’s rest and being able to step out of your bedroom onto the deck with a steaming cup of coffee, smell the salt air, and all the while listening to the orchestra of the laughing gulls has all added to the charm of the old combined with the new.
So we invite you to come stay at The Ole’ Chincoteague House and experience this “beautiful land across the water”.